Server Features

Starting in

Ladon Kal, Players can expect an engaging and immersive experience like no other.✨
- Mid Rate Project.👍
- 4 Characters.👍
- Balanced PvP & PvE👍
- New Afk Check system.👍
- New UI Designs ingame.👍
- Solo & party and shiny areas.👍
- New Player Protection.
- You have two simplest methods to Craft your items.👍
- New Battlefield Team color Effects.
- New Battlefield Map.👍
- New LastManStanding Map.👍
- Daily quests.👍
- DailyQuest Exclamation mark Effect.👍
- New Protection for CD Hack.👍
- New Protection for Range Hack.👍
- New Protection Against Most Known hacks.👍
- International Picture of hell system.👍
- F10.👍
- Mautareta system. 👍
- New Raid system.👍
- New Guild Raid system Based on Your Guild EXP.👍
Permanently Disabled Features
- Hanin Mirrors.❌
- Demon Gong.❌
- Riding system.❌
- Fishing system.❌
- Shop Coin system.❌
and much more, you ought to verify by yourself.